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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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A Statement of Newstockbridge Tribe

No. of Persons including 39 --475
they Possess six Mills Square of Land except
eighteen hundred acres Leased out
they have improved about 1200 acres of land
on which they have two saw Mills and one
grist Mill 8 fraimed Houses & 7 framed Barns
the remainder of their building are built of
Logs & Barke; they raised in the year 1811 about
500 bushels of wheat and about 2000 bushels of Corn
allso a com
supply of
Potatoes &
Beens with
other vegeta-
they have 26 horses and 20 pares of oxen and 52
Cows and 44 young Cattle: 56 sheep and about
fifty Hoggs they have furnished them by Friend. 5 foot
Wheels 3 great wheels 2 reals on which 35 of their Women
and girls have ben Learning to spin and some of
them have acquired a prity good knoledge of the art
who all seem to be well pleased and seem to be desireous
to become parfect in said art. This Tribe receives an
annuity of 350 Dollars from the United States

and from
the State of New York 200 Dollars to be applyed for schools
Blacksmiths Mills and Poor

This I beleave to be a
pritty acrate statement Joseph Frost Newhartford 30 of 11th Month 1812

NB Dear Friend Samuel Parsons

I would jest Mention
to thee that in my opinion there would a great benefit
arise from their being furnished with more raw materials
and inplyments of Husbandry not only in this but in all
the tribe; thou may verbaly state to the Comitty alltho I have
of them, they have about 12000 acres of Land are about 250 in No. have about
5 or 6 hundred acres improved, raised the present season about 450 bushels
of wheat 1400 bushels of corn a considerable quantity of Beens Potatoes Squashes
&c they 6 pair of oxen about 10 Cows some young Cattle 4 Plows 2 Drags
one cart