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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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notice made the following report

Agreeably to our appointment six of our
number have visited the different Tribes of the
Natives which have been under the care of the
Committee, had meetings of conference with them
at each place, read the address from the Committee
to them, which with the remarks made to them
appeared to be recieved with much cordiality

We found amongst the men at Brothertown

some who are improving their land, and provide
comfortably for their families, which may also
be said of those at Stockbridge & the Oneida; but
many of them as heretofore are much addicted
to habits of intemperance, by which means their
families are brought to want. But we were
pleased to find that the Women at Stockbridge
& the Oneida are making considerable improvement