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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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the Indians report

That we have made a visit to the Oneida South

& had a conference with their Chiefs &
principal men on such subjects as required attention.

Notwithstanding that part of the Tribe have been
so far misled as to go into the war, yet the injury
they have sustained is apparently less than might
have been expected, their improvements in agriculture
continue, and intemperance does not seem to have
gained ground amongst them, some of their elder
men give way to this vice, but we are informed that
their women and most of their young men are
free from it William Ruthbone

, a young
friend of the neighbourhood, son of Ackus Ruthbone
has opened a school & from twenty to thirty scholars
attend & the number is likely to increase we
have agreed that he shall have a compensation
at the rate of $250 per ann & board himself, till the