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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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Ann Shipley

and Sarah Collins were appointed
to essay a report to the Yearly Meeting & produce
at our next Meeting

Adjourned to 7'o'clock in the evening of the
seventh day of the week, being the sitting of the
next select Yearly Meeting

At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian
Concern held in New York the 21 of 5 mo 1814

Present 24 members we have also the
company of several Friends of other Yearly Meetings.

The Committee to examine Joseph Frost's

account made the following report viz

It appears by a statement of his account
there is a balance due him of $4 60/100 the Committee
make the balance $4 40/100; and it also appears on
the face of the account exhibited by him that on