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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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, they are of the same mind with us, we all agree.
we wish if you will help us to Oxen and farming
utensils that you would send them on as soon as you can,
as we are much in want, you will find us of the same
mind, as we were when you were here; we hope to hear
from you soon.

Brothers, we respect you, and wish you all
will, remember us at your great Council. We look to
you as our friends.

Signed by four of our Chiefs
Onondaga 8th April 1811 You none taback

Abraham Brand
To the Friends or Quakers
at New York. To the care of our friend
residing at the Oneida Castle.

The answer

Brothers & Sisters of the Onondagoe Tribe
Friends and Brothers

Your letter was read in our Council;
and our hearts were made glad to find you had
listened to the voice of the Great Spirit in leaving
off strong drink; we hope you will continue in this
good resolution, daily seeking to the Great Spirit
to strengthen you in it.