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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The Friends to whom was referred the narrative
of the proceedings of this Committee to be sent to

, reported the Essay amended, which being
read, was approved; and the Clerk was directed
to transcribe & sign it on behalf of this Committee,
& forward it to the Clerk of the Meeting for
Sufferings in London

The narrative is as follows

Some account of the progress of Friends of the Yearly
Meeting of New York

, in their concern for the welfare
and civilization of the Indians residency on the frontiers
of the State.

It appears that individual members
of the Society had occasionally extended advice & assistance
to the Aborigins of our Country; and that in the year
1795, the subject of promoting their welfare & civilization
obtained the attention of the Yearly Meeting, when a
Committee was appointed to unite with the Meeting
for Sufferings in the further consideration of the subject;
which resulted in selecting some of their number to visit
the Indians in order to obtain such knowledge of their cir
cumstances and situation as might enable them to
decide on the steps proper to be taken to carry into effect