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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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service, and authorized to defray the expence of

& Ruth's removal. And it appearing by
information recieved in a letter from Joseph Frost
& Jn Dean, that considerable suffering was likely to
take place amongst the Oneida & Stockbridge Tribes,
occasioned by the failure of their last crops of grain,
the Committee last appointed were requested to give
such attention to the subject as they should judge
necessary to prevent their suffering: and also to
extend assistance to the Onondagoes to preserve
their Cattle from perishing in the present scarcity
of fodder amongst them

The Committee on the Gore of land in the Oneida
South Settlement

reported, that an application to the
Surveyor General he had suspended the sale of
said land; and that they had forwarded to the
Governor a Memorial of the Indians on the
subject & a map of the land referred to; they were
continued to the service