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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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have not been able to effect the desired end; and they
now informing that said land is not likely to be
sold till some time hence, they are desired to give
such further attention thereto as the nation of
the case may require

The Committee to furnish the Onondago Tribe

with Oxen, farming utensils & report attention;
but owing to the miscarriage of letters they have
been unable to obtain an account of the particular
expenditures they are continued

The Committee to engage a Friend as a
Farmer to reside amongst the Oneida Tribe

report attention, and that they have not had
opportunity to engage one as a permanent
resident, but that they have agreed with Charles
who offers to devote some time amongst
the Oneida and Onondaga Tribes alternately
and to give his attention to instructing them