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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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on behalf of the Shinecock

Tribe resident on the
Eastern part of Long Island stating certain
grievances and incroachments on their priviledges
by the Inhabitants of the Town of Southampton
and requesting the assistance of Friends in
promoting their relief by forwarding a memorial
from them to the Legislature and assisting them
in promoting obtaining its objective; the subject is referred to
John Murray, Tho Eddy, Robt Bowne, and
Samuel Parsons to give such attention to it as they may judge needful

Information was communicated to the Committee
by the medium of a teller from a Committee of the
Meeting for Sufferings in Philadelphia,

that by the
desire of Friends in England, they were engaged
in preparing a statement of their proceedings in
relation to the civilization of the Indians, and