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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The attention of the Committee was turned to
consider of the propriety of making an appointment
to visit the Western tribes under their notice, with
a view of encouraging and assisting them in
agriculture & the useful and civilized life and
attending to such subjects as may in general
be promotive of their welfare; and to this service
the following friends are appointed, John Murray

Robert Bowne, Thomas Eddy, Gideon Seaman,
Thomas Willis, Isaac Thorne Ju, Catharine
Esther Lapham, Esther Griffin, Anna
Margaret Richardson & Anne Willis

Adjourned to 6'o'clock in the evening preceding
the Meeting for Sufferings in the 10 mo

At a Meeting of the Committee the 7th of the
10th Mo 1811

Only 7 of the Committee being