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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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The situation of the Indians on the Eastern part
of Long Island

coming again under the consideration
of the Committee, way did not open to make an
appointment to visit them, but the subject in left
for the present.

The Committee to furnish Absalom Hatfield

with Oxen, implements of husbandry & not being
prepared to report, are continued

The friends appointed to attend to the Oneida

Reservation, report that they have not yet compleated
the service entrusted to them; they are continued

The Committee to examine the Treasurer's account
made the following report

We have examined the Treasurer's accounts, which
appear to be correct, and by which there is stated in
his hands a balance of $90 97/100, with the interest
calculated thereon to the 20th of the Month