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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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At a Meeting of the Committee on the Indian
Concern, held in New York, the 8th of 4th Month 1811

Present 13 members & our friends Betsey

& Hannah
& Estes Newham of New England

The Committee appointed to produce an account
of sundry small articles furnished the Indians on
the Eastern part of Long Island

, rendered it accordingly
amounting to Six pounds 6/10 which the Treasurer
is directed to pay to Robert Bowne

The situation of these Tribes being again
considered, further attention thereto is referred to
our next Meeting

One of the Committee appointed to furnish
Absalom Hatfield

, with Oxen, implements of
husbandry &c. attention thereto; the Committee
is requested to produce a statement of expenditures to
our next Meeting.