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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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should be procured & placed in the hands of Absalom

for the use of the Indians, the Committee
entrusted with the care of assisting Absalom were
authorized to procure such a number as they should
think requisite. And as it appeared by inform
ation from the friends above mentioned, that
considerable uneasiness exists amongst the Oneidas
of the South Settlement relative to a gore of land
running far into their settlement, which in the
division of the reservation had become the property
of Indians of the other part, and by them sold
as they understand to the State, from an apprehension
that the land may be sold to & settled by white
people to their great injury; in that they solicited
the care of Friends for their relief; the subject
was referred to Richard Mott, Willet Hicks, Matthew
, Samuel Parsons, John Murray & John
; who are desired to give attention thereto.