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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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tolerable repair & hold Meetings; they are professors with
the Presbyterians.

We also visited a few families
farther westward; they are settled on a small tract of
land called Poas-paddock, near Col. Floyd's; they
occupy the land for tillage, but we did not find they
had any right to pasture or get fire wood upon it.

They are generally wanting in industry and economy,
and many of them too much addicted to strong drink, yet
we were in hopes there was a little improvement amongst
them. At each place they appeared glad of our
visit & expressed gratitude for the attention of Friends
towards them. and upon the whole we had a good
degree of satisfaction in performing the service.
Signed on behalf of the Committee

Gideon Seaman
Elizabeth Bowne

The care & attention of the Committee in performing
the visit was satisfactory & as they informed that they
had distributed some articles amongst the Indians,