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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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confidence in John

& Thomas Dean; that they are
disposed to encourage the School in a way quite satisfactory
as also to grant to John Dean the use of as much
cleared ground as he inclines to have, so that the
business respecting the School & land is now clearly
understood, & put in train to their satisfaction &
that of the Superintendants; such other matters
were attended to as we hope will render the situation
of our friends at Brothertown more comfortable

We then proceeded on our way to Stockbridge

, but
were prevented getting there by the state of the
roads, we therefore bent our course for the Oneidas
to our friends Absalom & Ruth Hatfield;
notice being given we attended the council held
next morning, in which we encouraged them to
sobriety & industry, particularly the improvement of
their lands; we learn that this South Party who go
under the appellation of Pagans are careful on account
of the use of Spirituous Liquors & some of them labour
on the ground & raise corn grain & others of them have
more or less stock; but generally speaking as far as
we could discover they are still very improvident;