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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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the Montauk Tribe

, report it done & the cost thereof, Nine
Pounds 12/3 received from the Treasurer : and Friends
renewedly taking their situation into consideration, it was
thought right that they should have the sympathy & care
of the Committee & with this view the subject is referred
to our next Meeting for further attention

One of the Friends appointed to receive from the
Meeting for Sufferings in Philadelphia

the sum of
Two Thousand Dollars of the donation of Friends in
England & place it out at interest; report that they have
recieved that sum, but have not yet been able to put it
out at interest; they are continued.

One of the Friends appointed to make an agreement
with Absalom Hatfield

to go & reside with his family
amongst the Oneidas as a farmer, for the compensation
of Two hundred & fifty Dollars for one year & their
expences in renewing & that they expected to set out
shortly & that Barnabas Hicks declined going; the
subject of procuring a Teacher is continued under the care