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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Minutes of the Committee on Indian Concern No 1

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among them with some improved land and as much
more uncultivated land as such friends wish to improve,
they will also build a school house & give their part of
the annuity appropriated by Government for the
support of a School Master, but the improvements
Friends may make on their lands are to be left when
friends leave there unpaid for by the Indians; & it
appearing to us that there was such a favorable
opening for settling a friend & his wife & a schoolmaster
among them, that we thought it advisable to accept
the houses they afford & its wanting some repairs to
make it comfortable for a family, we procured
materials & agreed with a Carpenter to do the work,
Thomas Dean

engaging to superintend the business;
to accomplish these repairs & some necessary expences
while at Oneida use advanced Nineteen pounds.

the report obtained the solid attention of the Comtt
& afforded encouragement to persevere in the promotion of the concern

*By a minute of the last Yearly Meeting of Women
friends it appears that Jemima Bunken

& Sarah
are appointed Members of this Committee.

* And the Treasurer is directed to pay James Mott

sum of Nineteen Pounds therein mentioned