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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Extract of the Speech of John [Skenandoa]

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The Speech of John Scanada

principal Chief
of the Oneida Nation; at the time when they first
discovered that their improvements the Castle had
been sold to the State by the intrigue of some
white men and unknown to the Indians all
the Indians in the were crying & lamenting
on the occasion

My warriors and my Children hear
it is cruel it is very cruel a heavy burden lies on
my heart and it is very sick this is a dark day
the clouds are black and heavy over the Oneida

a strong arm lies heavy upon us, and
our hearts grown under it- our fires are put out
and our beds removed under us the graves
of our Fathers are destroyed, and their Children
are driven are driven away The Almighty God
is angry with us for we have been wicked,
therefore his arm doth not keep us Where are
the Chiefs of the rising sun, white chiefs now
kindle their ancient fires There no Indian
sleeps, but those that are sleeping in their
graves my house will soon be like theirs, soon
will a white Chief here kindle this fire
Scanada will soon be no more, and his village
no more a village of Indians The news that
was brought by our men last night from
Albany hath made this a sick day in Oneida
all our hearts are sick, and our eyes rain like