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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Copy of a manuscript respecting the American Indians

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be all Brothers and Sisters – How beautiful this would
be _But humble submission to the great good spirit is
our duty -I hope by the help of the good spirit we and you
shall never forget that we are dependant creatures
as you said can do nothing spiritually good may
the good Spirit bless you farewell

To Susanna Gregory Lydia Hendricks

P.S. Give my love to thy Husband -give my love to
our kind Sister Hannah Jackson

-am sorry that
we cannot at present send letters to all our kind sisters
at Philadelphia

Copy of Joseph Clark’s Certificate

Dear Friend.

Our esteemed Friend J Clark

at my House of the 16 of 11mo. and staid with me over
first Day - On the 12th, I set out with him to Stock
where we set before night, and returned the
3 young women under his care. Next day the
Chiefs met, and some of their principal Women
where he informed them in very affecting language
how that he had left all that was near and dear
to him, to accompany their children home
and I can truly say, his life and conversation
has been to me edifying and exemplary

With Desires for his safe return to his family
and Friends from good friend
John Dean