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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Invoice of goods sent to Indians as a gift

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Invoice of sundry articles provided by Friends of Pennsylvania &c. and
sent to the Treaty expected to be held with the Indian Nations by General Wayne

to be by him presented to them, at such time as he may see most convenient and
proper, as a token of good will and to revive in the remembrance of the Indian
Nations of this Land the ancient Friendship which subsisted between them & the
people called Quakers

Philadelphia 5 mo. 25. 1795 Packed in a Trunk, Matted & Corded and mark'd
H.D Indian Treaty. 1600 Fish Hooks different sizes 1000 large sewing Needles 1000 Darning Needles 12 doz. Awl Blades 6 doz. Steel Thimbles 12 doz. brass Thimbles 36 pair Temple Spectacles 5 pair better 24 pair better 36 pair silver'd Locket Sleeve Buttons 6 burning Glasses 17 Tobacco Boxes with burning Glasses 12 Tobacco Pipes 24 Iron Spoons tin'd 18 pair large Seessars 18 pair better 24 pair better 72 pocket Looking Glasses 5 doz. horn combs 36 small Ivory combs 12 larger ditto 12 larger ditto 12 larger ditto 4 pounds of colour'd thread 1 pound of white thread 1 pound finer 1 pound finer 10 pieces of worsted Binding 10 pieces of silk Firrett 35 Shawls or cotton Handkerchiefs 24 black silk Handkerchiefs 24 larger ditto 24 larger ditto 8 pieces of flag Handkerchiefs in each piece 3 pieces of cotton & silk stripes 14 yards light printed callico 14 yards of dark fine ditto 1 Match Coat Blanket to fill up