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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter from Friends to General Wayne

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Philadelphia 25th 5th Mo 1795 Respected Friend

It has been considered as
a Duty by our Religious Society from the first
Settlement of Pennsylvania to labour and use
Endeavours to promote peace with the Indians
solely with a View to prevent the Calamities
of War, and being informed that a Treaty is
like to take Place with that people under thy Superintendance and
Direction, the Subject engaged the Attention
of our Meeting for Suffering, with other
Friends from the different Quarters of our
Yearly Meeting, who on Deliberation
felt a Desire to unite any Influence they
may have with on the Indians with the general
Government to promote so good a Work --

An Address to the Indians was prepared
in the Year 1793 which was forwarded by
some of our Brethren to the care of Alexr
, a copy of which with something
additional has with the Consent of the
President & of Col Pickering been concluded
upon to be sent to thy care with a small
Present of Goods as pr Invoice. We request
the favour of thee to present deliver those Addresses
in the usual way with our particular present