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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter, account of Canandaigua Treaty negotiations

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gratefully received; Jaspar Parrish

an Interpreter for Government distri-
uted them at their request agreeable to the Numbers contained in each

We continued with them about seven weeks, and had no cause
to doubt our having been in our proper places, yet with sorrow had to
observe that the pernicious effecs of spirituous liquors being handed
freely to them were highly injurious and considerably retarded the Issue
of the Business.

Many are the Difficulties & Sufferings to which the Indians are
subjected and their present situation appears loudly to claim the Sym-
pathy & attention of the Members of our religious Society & others who
have grown numerous & opulent on the former inheritance of these
poor declining people: we can not but believe some mode may be
fallen upon of rendering them more essential service than has yet
been adopted.

Our Engagements were often very trying & straitning, yet
thro' the kindness of providence we were preserved in much harmony
& Unity through them all, and on the whole have reason to hope, the
object of the Concern was in some degree answered & are thankful
in being permitted to return home with a portion of peace after
an exercising & fatiguing Journey

Philada:20th:12 mo:1794 John Parrish David Bacon William Savery James Emlen