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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Address to the Six Nations

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The People called Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey &c.
By their Representatives assembled at Philadelphia 9th. mo. 9th. 1794 To our Brothers the Indians of the Six Nations who have appointed to
meet at Kanandargua in order for the promotion of lasting Peace.

We are always glad when we have an Opportunity of hearing from you
Our Old Friends, and using our endeavours in promoting the good work of Peace.

We understand the President of the United States has proposed
holding a Treaty with You, by his Commissioner.

Our Religious Profession has always led us to promote so good a Work--
And having been informed the President of the United States, as also your
Nations are willing and desirous we should be at the Treaty. We have therefore
Authorized our beloved Friends David Bacon

, John Parrish, William Savery, and
James Emlen to attend the said Treaty for us, on whose behalf we make known to
you, that they are our Friends--whom we greatly love--being true Men, who finding
their Love so great to their Indian Brethren the Old Inhabitants of this Land of
Anerica, that they are willing to come and see you, with desires to do you good.

We meddle not with the affairs of Government
But we desire to do all we can to preserve and promote Peace and good will amongst
all Men.

Our Grandfathers and Friend Onas, were careful in their Day to
preserve Peace and Love with their Brothers the Indians.
We their Children and Successors endeavour to do the same, and we are happy
when we can prevail on the People to be kind, and do good, and not evil to one another.

We pity the Indians as well as the White People when they