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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to the Indians Assembled at the Rapids of the Miami

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Detroit 7 mo 15th 1793 To the Indians
Assembled at the Rapids of the Miami

We who send you this Letter are of the
People called Quakers, and have left our homes and Families
in Pensylvania & New Jersy and taken this long Journey to
see you purely from motives of Love and good Will, and
to endeavour to promote peace. We have been now five
Weeks at Detroit

waiting for the opening of the Treaty at
Sandusky, where we expected to have seen you all, but as
we have heard a number of your People are gone to Niagara
to meet the Commissioners, we do not know but the business
may be so concluded there, as that they may come no further

We have brought with us an Address
to you from our Brothers at Home, which we are very
desirous of presenting to you with our own hands, if an
opportunity can be had. It is also in our Hearts to
acquaint you that we consider all Men as the Children
of one common Father, and think it our duty to Love all
as Brothers. We believe it displeases the Great & Good Spirit
when Men injure and kill one another, therefore we en-
endeavour to do Justice but when any despute arises, we leave it to be settled by disinterested & impartial
persons and never go to war on any occasion
We have
been made very sorrowful on account of the War and
Bloodshed between the United States and our Indian Brethren,
and want much to see you, that we may open our
hearts more fully than we can do by writing, for