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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to Western Indians from the Meeting for Sufferings

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send this writing in love, as brothers who are disposed to encourage
you in all good things. And in the ancient love which our Grand
fathers and yours felt for each other, we salute you, wishing your
happiness in this life, and in that which is to come, and remain,
Your Friends and Brothers, Isaac Zane. James Moon. Richard Lawrence. Charles West. James Pemberton. Samuel Smith (Bucks). John Pemberton. David Bacon. George Churchman. Thomas Lightfoot. Robert Holliday. John Simpson. Simon Meredith. Nathan Coope. Warner Mifflin. Nicholas Waln. Joseph Bringhurst. John Drinker. David Evans. Thomas Walmsby. Benjamin Mason. Samuel Smith. Samuel Clark. Owen Biddle. Daniel Offley. Mark Miller. Oliver Paxson. John Field. Caleb Carmalt. Stephen Mendenhall. Jesse Foulke. Thomas Morris. William Wilson. Joseph Shotwell. John Pierce junior. Abraham Cadwalader. Thomas George. Thomas Gaskill. John Roberts. Jonathan Evans junior. David Cumming. John Wistar. James Emlen. John Bosse. Examined & compared with the Original, and certified to be
a true Copy--by John Drinker