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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to Western Indians from the Meeting for Sufferings

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pleasant easy and confortable? It is the Law from the good
Spirit, who is all love, and placed it in your hearts, that gives you
such peace and comfort when you do well, but when you do evil things,
it reproves you, and makes you feel uneasy and sad.

We wish you to consider and remember, that the Great
Spirit, sees and knows all the thought of your hearts, and the hearts of
all mankind, and all their actions; and when their bodies die, such men
of all colours, and all nations, who have loved, served, and obeyed the holy
law of the good Spirit, placed in their hearts, he will receive their Sould,
which are never to die, and they will live with him in joy and peace for
ever; but the souls of bad men, who have lived wickedly in this world
must live, after their bodies die, with the bad spirit, in a State of distress
and misery.

We make profession of the same principle with our Grandfathers,
which teaches us to love you and all men, and in that love we feel our minds
drawn to send you this Speech, with a gread desire for your good; and we
were made glad, when we heard that the sober good people among you were
disposed to promote peace, and brighten the old chain of friendship with
the white people of the United States; and that many of you have a desire
that you may be instructed in tilling the ground, to live after the mirror
of the white people, which we believe you will find to be more comfortable
for you and your families, than to live only by hunting; and we think it will
be also good for your yound people to be learn't to read and write, and that
sober, honest, good men should be sent among you for teachers.

We have often told some of your chiefs, when we have had
the opportunity of taking them by the hand in this City, that we are not concerned
in the management of the affairs of the Government, which are under the direction of
the president of the United States, and his councellors; but that we should at
all times be willing to do any thing in our power to promote love and peace.

We greatly desire that the Commissioners who are now sent by
the president, and your councellors and chiefs, may look up to the great Spirit
for his wisdom and help; that you may all be made wise and strong, to
light up the council fire, and brighten the chain of old friendship; that all
things may be settled to satisfaction, and all logs taken out of the road, and
a lasting peace established; so that there may be no more difference and war
between your people and the Inhabitants of these States.

And we desire you may receive our friends, by whom we