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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to Friends from David Fowler

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Philadelphia March 20 1793 Dear Friends,

What or how can we make amends
to you, for what you have done for us and
for our Town in sending those Books to the Chil-
dren, surely you have shown us very great kind-
ness, this is the work of God, for the World is his and
the fullness thereof, it is he that puts into the Hearts of
his People to give liberally unto us poor Indians. --
--Thanks be to God for his goodness towards us, in pre-
serving and maintaining us--but above all that
we were born in Christian Land, that we might
hear and know the wonderfull works of God, for our
immortal Souls, and that we and many of our prior
despised Nation have experienc'd the Love of God and
to enjoy that Peace and joy unto our Souls which the
World cannot give nor take away--We thank you
for the Favours we have received from your hands--
--we hope, God will reward you for it--and as
you have put many Books into my hands I shall endea
vour to get then up to our Settlement and get the
School going as quick as we can--I also, will let
you know what proficiency the children will make
this Summer--this is from your friend and Brother

David Fowler