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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Letter to the Cherokee Nation from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

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Brothers of the Cherokee Nation or Red People.

We who have spoken with you are glad to see
you here, and rejoyce that, you are come as messengers
of Peace.

We wish you to know, that there are many
of our bretheren called Quakers settled in most of the
United States who are Lovers of Peace, and do not meddle
with war, and we are very sorry, that there hath
been any wars & bloodshed between you and the
people of the United States, for we believe, that we
are all the Children of the same Great Creator who
intended that, we should live in love and peace
with each other; but when any of his children
get drunk, cheat, steal of hurt & kill one another, he
is displeased with them, and when they will not
regard his good Spirit placed in their hearts, there
they go into all kind of wickedness, which brings
misery upon them, and they are not afraid even to
destroy the lives which came from the hands of the
Great Creator