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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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and then rode 6 miles to Lindseys

on 9
Mile Creek
a pretty large stream, being
the outlet of the Shaneatetes lake, our
last stage mostly woods, here we Lodged
cutting Clover and Timothy grass for our horses with a sickle
he having no pasture. The grass is so stout, I thought it would have produce near three tons of hay to the Ac

The common practice of raising Corn,
wheat &c for many Miles past, is to clear a piece
Land, by cutting down nearly all
the timber which they heap and burn
on the Spot, and when made clean, they
Harrow the ground several times over,
then they plant, and tend the Corn with
the Hoe never putting a plough in the
ground, when the Corn comes of, in the
fall, they again harrow the ground several
times, and then sow it with wheat and
Timothy, and often times some Clover seed, and when the Wheat comes
of, mow it for several years, by that time
many of the roots get are rotten, they then
Plough and farm it as suits best.
49 miles


Went 13 miles to breakfast the first
7 good limestone land, unsettled, being
lately purchased of the Onadaga Indians