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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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business between him and Captain Cha-

relating to a Mill, we thought
when he and the Captain conferred to
-gather on the Subject, we might be ful-
-ly informed of their result by letter.
he then informed us he was become per-
-fectly reconciled to our going, and as
the Council was expected every
day to meet, he could not go with us
to Canandargue, as he had proposed,
but that John, who had hitherto been
with us, would go through to the Che-
-nesee River, and that he wished the
good Spirit who had hitherto pre-
-served us, would safely keep us on our
Journey, until we arrived at our own
homes, he further desired we would
make ourselves, perfectly easy about
our Young Men, who were left a-
mong his People, for he would take
the necessary care of them, and that they
and that would be entirely safe.