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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Comfortable nights rest, having in the
evening we viewed the river above the fording
place, and we found that there was were some marks
of its having fallen an Inch or more. 35 m
we saw neither house nor cabin in this days ride.


Rose early this Morning, and upon
viewing Cateragus we found it had fell
several Inches, we therefore fed our horses
got our breakfast, and prepared for mov-
-ing, we had lodged on an Island, which our

took us round to the head of that so
we might have the advantage of the Cur-
-rent in Crossing it. we found the bed of the
Creek was wide, and there was a large gra-
-velly Island several pearches from for our Shor[e]
, we decended the Bank and rode
to it, the Water not being more than knee
deep, we then rode went down this Island 20 or more
Pearches to where our guide singn signed
for us to Cross, the Water ran very swift,
but did not appear to be as deep as he gave
us to expect, which was to come within Six
Inches of the top of our horses backs, we
mentioned signed to our guide to lead the way, he
being well mounted on Henry Simmons
Mare the largest beast in Company, but