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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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with blankets; we were now able to
make a Cup of Tea, or Coffee, tho with-
out Milk; or Butter; and we have Bacon
or Cheese to eat with, our bread, our
Change being so great that one of our
Young Men says they want nothing but a
Cow to make their living equal to Chester Coun-

6 one 1

We were busy this Morning in hang-
-ing our Grindstone, and in putting han-
-dles in some of our tools, John Peirce

and myself accompanyed by an Indian
Chief went up the River in a Canoe near
one Mile above our Settlement, to view
a Stream that was on the Opposite shore
which we were informed was suitable for
to build a Mill on: upon viewing it
we found plenty of fall, and suffici-
-ency of Water for a Grist Mill, tho
the stream was not large, it came down
between some high hills, 25 feet pearch
of a headrace would carry the water
high enough for the purpose, and
within five pearch of the River is a
very suitable band to erect a mill on