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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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Chiefs, of bearing us Company to Canandar-
-que feel pleasant, but about this date a
runner from the Chiefs of Buffaloe

, arriv-
-ed at Cornplanters Village with a mes-
-sage to him, desiring his attendance
there as soon as he conveniently could
for the Surveyers and commissioners from
Robert Morris and Company were coming
to run out the land the Indians sold them
last fall, and also to run and settle the
lines of the Indians reservations, they
Chief expressed a great desire John Peirce
and myself should go with him to the
Council and attend there while the business
was transacting, which upon weighing, we
let him know we felt a freedom comply to go
with him. -- While we were writing
this afternoon we heard an uncommon
noise, which caused us to look out to
see from what it proceeded, where we
saw a Man in a frightful Dress, we
then walked out more fully to view
the sight, where we saw two Men
with naked Arms, Thighs, and legs,
they had Bearskins on their backs