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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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I may just note that there is a great appear-
-ance for strawberries here on some part
of the Old Indian fields.

27 and 1st of the week,

I neglected noting in its
proper place, that fifth day last about 11
OClock we retired into our humble Cabin,
and were favoured to witness the over-
-shadowing Wing of Consoling goodness,
to the Comforting and contriting of our
Spirits, and this day we had a like Op-
-pertunity, and were I thought alike
favoured, may such seasons be remembred
with gratitude, and with thankfulness and may
our young friends be encouraged &
strengthened to keep up such religious
oppertunities when we are far separated, which I
trust they will. this is the fifth day since
we came to this Town

, we brought but
little provision with us here, having
but little to bring, and had a hope we
should have been able to have got
some dryed Venison of the Indians here, which has
not been the case, we got a little Bears Oyl
of them, but that article is scarce, and
dear, this day intending to have made