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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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they have had pretty plenty pretty of Coarse grass, and
other herbages, but here they have plen-
-ty of grass, and that which is very good.


Our young men this morning planted
some Potatoes, and they are now pre-
-paring some ground fit for the Plough, for
Corn, having when we came up borrow-
-ed some tools of Cornplanter

. we had
a present of fish this morning, on which
we expect deliciously to dine, - Our
Young Men have prepared some bobs
in order to try to catch some Eells
this evening, set of up the River
with a Canoe, but there being a con-
-siderable rapid to ascend, which for
want of more experience in working
the vessel, they fail’d getting up, the Canoe
turning across the Stream in such a
manner, that it took in Water, and
presently turned bottom upwards, so
that some of them got very wet, which
put an end to their Eel catching; shortly
after they returned we had several very
heavy showers, wich which convinced
us our house was not proof against