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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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flats on each side of the River appeared
much of the same quality, tho none of them
appeared were wide; in about 6 miles we
came to Cornplanters

sawmill, we stop-
-ed at his request and viewed it, the
Mill is almost new, built on a Small
Stream, which when we were there
was so low that the Mill could do very
little work, and at the time of Year that
the Stream is pretty full, the River is
often so high that it hurts the mill with
its backwater, in about three miles fur-
-ther up the River we came to the Old
, three or more families yet re-
-main here, we thought there might be
150 or more acres of a flat that has been
mostly cleared and worked with Corn,
part of which is grown up with Hazels
&c and part with grass, that in a few wee
weeks would do to mow, and some of the
richest sorts of it are put in with
Corn this Spring; it doth not appear to
have ever been fenced, and at certain
stretches it is mostly subject to an overflow.
it the tract lies on the Northwest side of the River.
the flat is about 40 reaches wide, and then