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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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at their not keeping the first day as
the white do, for they could not read
and Write, that they were poor and had
to work on that day, and that they were
often out a hunting and had to attend to
their Game, we let him know, that we
intended about 10 OClock to sit down
together in stillness to wait on the
great spirit, and if he or any of his
sober people would come and set with
us it would be acceptable. near the
time appointed Cornplanter

with seve-
-ral other came into our appartment, he
sat very still until the opportunity closed,
they others sat quiet a while and then
withdrew, our door was being open during
the Opportunity, they Indians as the passed
by looked at us, but shewed no lightness


got up soon this morning to bake some
bread, that we might be in readiness by 7
OClock, to go up the River about 10 miles
with some of the Chiefs, to see were it would
be most suitable to make a settlement, we
found it a trying Circumstance rightly
to Judge what was best to do on the Occa-
-tion. Jeneocatego

the Town where we now
are, being the place of Cornplanters re-