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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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hearts, and may you be blessed with a clear
Sky, Smooth Roads, and plentifull harvest
to the end of your days. — I commend
you to the care of the great Spirit, and
am in heart your friend.

Ja: Wilkinson
Commander in chief of the
Troops of the United States

Being now ready to depart, we took
leave of several of the first Characters of
this place, who wished us success, and
affectionately bid us farewell. —we then
crossed the Allegeny River at the Town, and
a little below the Fort, it was a clear, beau
-tiful stream, about 50 perches wide and
6 feet deep, has much more of a Current than
the Monongahela, and contains more water.
we now entered a Wilderness Country but
little inhabited the settlements not more
than 2 or 3 years old, and scarce of provision
for Man or horse, — for a few miles after we
Crossed the River the land was very good, but in
the general it fell short of the Idea I en-
-tertained of it. in this days ride the