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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journey into Indian Country

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productive, we arrived at a Dutch
Town called Berlin

, containing upwards
of 50 Houses, Mostly of Logs, and Frame, when
at the sign of the Black House we got good
entertainment. 36 miles


We started early this Morning with some hopes
of reaching a friend’s House this evening, which
was very desirably, for 2 or more miles the
Land was good, and considerably Settled, tho
Hilly. thence we entered a Chesnutt Country,
the Soil thin, and in a while we came among
abundance of Laurel, the road very Stony,
Rocky, & Muddy, thence entered a Pine forrest
being the first White Pines of note since we
have met with; here they grew in abun-
-dance, tho not very large, but few settlement
the greatest part of this stage, stoped and got
our Breakfast at John Thusier

s 13 miles.
from thence to Geo: Batchaler’s 14 miles, the
whole of this stage remarkable rough, the first
3 or 4 miles the Land appeared pretty good tho
very hilly, one hill more steep and long than
any we have hitherto met with, was as we went
down to Laurell—hill—Creek, a smart stream
from thence to near this place called Laurell
Hill, the whole of this stage very heavy Timbered
so that the Hill comparatively speaking groan