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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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Meeting was transacted in a good degree
of right order, there are a large num-
-ber of pretty exemplary concerned
friends belonging to this Meeting, I
believe there is no monthly Meeting
within the compass of our yearly Meet
-ing that takes in so large a scope of
Country as this, and the members
are still spreading wider, we
were informed there are upwards
of one hundred and Eighty families
within its Compass, and I fully be-
-lieve it will be right, and will conduce
to the promotion cause of Truth and righte-
-ousness for a division of the Month-
-ly Meeting to take place before long, also
for a preparative meeting to be established at
Fishing Creek, dined at John Loyd’s
and lodged at Charles Chapmans
2 miles

1st day the 26

a clear day and northWest
Wind, we had the Opportunity of
seeing three Wild Deer, out of the
friends Poarch where we lodged, they