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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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that evening, William and Wife
bearing us company, Lodged at Jacob
16 miles

6th 23 [sic]

a Northwest Wind and pretty
clear, Went to Fishing Creek Meeting

2 ½ Miles, which was a comforting
refreshing Opportunity, and my soul
was enabled to Worship in secret
dined at John Eveses near the Meeting
house, and with industry got to Cate-
that Evening, having the
Susquehannah to Cross 15 mile, lod-
-ged at John Loyds where we were kindly
entertained, his Wife companion being a neat
house wife, both the our supper and
Bed evinced it

7 day the 24 [sic]

attended the Monthly Meeting
at Catewissee

, which was a low exercising
time in the forepart, but life gradually
rose under the Ministry of J.L. till I
thought I had ever seldom experienced the like,
it was a memorable time, and ended
well, and the Business of the Monthly