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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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horses we let them out to pick a little grass while
then tyed them up till Morning, the hay
afforded no provision for ourselves,
the Land from Job Howlings around throu[gh]
the the settlement of friends is deep, Rich,
black Soil, mostly pretty level, inclinable
to be wet, the Surfice of the ground very
uneven, by trees being blown up from
time immemorial, the timber pretty
Large and very thick, chiefly Poplar, Ash,
Sugar Maple, Elm, Shelbark Hickory and
some White Oak, from Jacob Smiths to the
River about 2 or 3 miles in our first seting
off excepted, mostly matly on open Country
very little timber either great or small,
the Land for the most part a sandy loam, an[d]
the Country pretty thick settled

7th day 28th checkPlace

to up very early and set off as soon
as we could see the path, in hopes of a pretty
pleasant day, the sun made its appearance
about 9 or 10 yet it presently hid its face and the
Clouds grew thick so that and the Close wood we
were in was looked like evening, & presently the snow
>it began to snow fall, and in a few hours the
Limbs, and young timber became so Loaded