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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal or Visit to Upper Canada and Parts Adjacent

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intended to have stayed all night
at the River, but finding there was a house
8 miles on our way & at that it was at least
80 miles to buffalow Creek, we thought best
to try to get there, but the Prospect was very
discouraging, as it was like to be a dark
Rainy Evening and the sun not above an
hour high when we got over the river,
yet we set off and their proving several
Roads in the Course of 2 miles we took
a wrong one and after 2 miles traveling
upon enquiry found we were wrong, and then had 7 miles
to our intended Quarters point a good house
was a little to the left but upon trying
could not get Quarters there, it was now near
dusk, a dark Rainy evening and 7 miles
of a small path in a unknown Woods
to traverse, we had a little Moon in our favour
yet in about 5 miles it grew so
dark that we frequently missed our path
and we had but little prospect of getting
to our port, the thoughts of having to
get by the side of a tree and hold our
horses in the rain without fire until
day Break was trying, yet through mer-
-cy we got safe in to our Quarters but there was
neither hay nor father fore fodder for our