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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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the same place. Previous to their setting off, I took
an opportunity to impress their minds with the im-
portance of the present critical juncture; as also,
how deeply the interests of humanity was involved
in it. My mind is often involuntarily impressed
with a secret sorrow, and sense of the want of true
sincerity, in this painful business; in which I see
different schemes and opposite interests are engaged;
while the poor natives stand exposed as a mark, to
their grievous injury, and suffering, under an undue


Feeling blank and empty, I took a walk into
the woods, which are marshy and flat, in every place
I can find, about a mile from all the lakes and rivers:
which space is rich and fertile land. The inland
parts of the country abounding with extensive
swamps, covered with bushes, coarse grass, rushes,
and flags, make harbours for such innumerable
flights of blackbirds, as prove very injurious to the
production of the neighboring farms, taking nearly
one-third of their small grain, notwithstanding the
exertions of gunners, children, &c.


The Detroit sloop came down the river, bound
to Fort Erie, by which I wrote a letter to my dear


Last night was wet — our tents did not ex-
clude the mist, which wet our blankets and clothes
considerably. I wrote a letter to my daughter, Ma-
ry Miller
, and attended a meeting at Simon Girty’s,
in the afternoon; Gen. Lincoln, Gen. Cheaping, Capt.
Carry Hamilton
, and Givenz, with a number of In-
dians and Negroes, present, to our satisfaction.

Many of the officers of the army are very de-
bauched, and immoral characters, notwithstanding