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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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hands. It was also urged, that it was our duty to
use endeavours to promote, and pray for this, in pre-
ference to effecting their extermination. For which
purpose, many dark and diabolical machinations are
proposed; one of these I had recently heard of, viz.
To take a large quantity of liquor, of which they
are extremely fond, and infuse the strongest poison
therein: take it into an army which should make
feint shows, until the body of them should be col-
lected, then make a sham battle, and retreat with
precipitation, leaving the liquor behind. The sub-
ject was closely combated, and I thought, ended in
favor of the cause of injured humanity.

After our interview closed, three of us walked out
to speak to the Chiapas, lately arrived. We met
five or six of them; but they could not understand
us, neither we them, only this much, Chemochte-
man, Bostone. I offered my hand to them repeat-
edly, as also did John Parrish, which they as often
refused. They had come down the lakes four hun-
dred miles; which shows how wide and deep the
prejudice against our citizens has extended.


Were visited at our lodgings by Dr. Wright,
Capt. Munsey, Broadhead, Crawford, and several
other officers, who continue very respectful to us.

From this place, many hundreds of bushels of
hominy, go yearly to McInoi, from whence it is
forwarded to the Grand Portage; there it is parceled
out at one bushel to a man — who is more prudent
than to use one grain in his north-western route of
about eighteen hundred, or as some say, two thou-
sand miles from the Grand Portage, as it is to be his
main support in case of sickness, accidents, &c. one
whole year. But while health remains, they substi-