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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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First-day. Had a meeting in the sail-loft,
with a considerable number of people. It was a time
of stripping and heavy exercise; yet I trust the gos-
pel testimony did not suffer reproach. A number of
Indians came to see us, and behaved civilly. One
said, he was glad at his heart to see us.


Taken up in writing home.


Air cold and chilly. This forenoon a wolf
was brought to the wharf, which was shot on Hog
. It is said to have been floated there from
the main land last winter on a cake of ice. Since
which time he has killed sixty pigs. The owner of
the island advertised twenty dollars for his head.
A half Indian shot him. He was higher than any
dog I ever saw, and his teeth larger and stronger
than a mastiff's. He was about six feet long from
the end of the nose to the feet or paws of the hind
legs — of a grayish colour, short, broad ears, and a
long hairy, but not bushy, tail.

This morning we received account, that a compa-
ny of Chipawa Indians who had got too much rum,
differed in their tent on the commons. Two of them
attacked a third, and stabbed him to death with their
knives. A sorrowful instance of the shocking, hor-
rid effects of this man-bane, (distilled spirits.) This