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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Jacob Lindley’s Account

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trial to both, and the more so, as our youngest child
was much indisposed. But the resignation and for-
titude with which my beloved companion was sup-
ported, helped me to bear the separation beyond my

My beloved friend Joshua Pusey, accompanied
me from home. The morning was wet and windy.
When we came to Brandywine, it was high. We
ferried over, and got to Concord meeting; which
opportunity tended to stay and quiet my mind. —
After meeting we went on to Darby, and lodged at
our kind friend John Hunt's, where, by him and
his beloved Rachel, we were tenderly cared for.


We went to Philadelphia, where I met with
John Parrish, William Savery, John Elliott and Jo-
seph Moore
, who were to be my fellow travellers
in the journey. They informed me, that Timothy
and Beverly Randolph proposed to set
out on horseback next day. On which information,
it was mutually agreed, that John Parrish, Joseph
and John Elliott, should proceed with them
to Niagara Falls: and William Savery and myself
proceed by way of New York to accompany Benja-
min Lincoln
, who had gone to New York some days


I felt my mind not quite easy to proceed,
without having an interview with the President of
the United States, which I suggested to William Sa-
, and found he was under a like impression. —
Accordingly, James Pemberton, William Savery,
John Elliott and myself, went about nine o'clock;
met with a favourable reception, and had a full op-
portunity to relieve our minds: which we thought
tended to his satisfaction, as well as ours. About