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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Notes of a Journey taken by Elisha Tyson and James Gillingham on a Visit to some Indians in the neighbourhood of Fort Wayne

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23. This being the day we had appointed
for to hold a Council with the Indians
& many of them were Collected over the river
we were engaged in preparing such
communications to them as we thought
advisible but to our great Mortification
we were informed that the son of the
Five medals had returned from Stanton
where he had been with several men
& Horses to purchase whiskey with a
Large quantity & that the Indians here
collected had got to drinking it &
were many of them drunk so that the
prospect looks gloomy & that all our
toil will be of no avail

24 The contractor showed us this morn-
-ing that in the month of April last
there was delivered by order of the
Indian agent 1117 Rations of Whiskey
or about 35 Gallons The Contractor
informed us that he offered to furnish
William kirk when in Friends employ
[delete] Flour at $6 per [Cut?]