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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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the taking up and selling such for Slaves again, who are
set free, altho' by conscientious Persons who are not free to hold
them in Slavery: It afforded me comfort that he acknowledged
that Law to be unjust, hoped for its alteration, & proposed to use
what influence he had for it's repeal. or alteration.


Our next Meeting was at Sutton's-Creek

, large, solid and
satisfactory: In these meetings I have been engaged in close
Service, which seems well received. From place to place I par
take of spiritual Poverty, Yet am not left with out a Hope
in the Lord, who putteth forth and goeth before: Blessed be his
glorious Name forever


The next day two large Meetings,
in Pasquotank County

, one at Wells's and another at Beach
: so large that the houses did not near hold the people.

On the

On the 9th. we were at Piney-woods Meeting

; This also
was large, and to me exercising. -- At these Meetings many
black people attended, who behaved solidly. -- I then had to turn
back into Virginia again, about 36 miles to Jesse Cowpland's.
On our way thither, it was affecting at different Places, to
observe the situation of the poor Slaves, Men, Women and
Children: a number of little ones quite naked, many others who were
grown up nearly so, or their covering little better then tat-
tered rags; It seems as though a continuance in Scenes of