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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal of Joshua Evans

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Honey-comb. --- Oh that it was the happy experience of all
people, to submit to the refining Operations of the Grace which is
inwardly revealed; Then might they come to know the in-dwelling
of the peaceable Spirit of holy Jesus: This would put an
end to the quarrelling, & Jarrs, to hard thoughts and hard Speeches, and
introduce in us the coming of his Kingdom: Men would thus be taught
and enabled to love enemies, & to bear reviling for Christ's sake:
without reviling again: They would find no better way to gain
Victory, than by overcoming evil with good. However hard this doc-
trine may seem to be to the natural will of Man, many living
Witnesses certainly know, that a state of this kind is attainable:
Therefore let no man's or Woman's heart fail them: All have the
offer of divine Grace and Assistance to overcome the evil part, &
none are excluded who are willing to close in, & obey the teachings
thereof; working while their day of Visitation lasteth; and often bearing
in mind, that "The night cometh, wherein no man can work." --
O that this might in some degree serve as a loud, loving
call, to my fellow-pilgrims, and sojourners throughout the Land.

9 mo. 3d.

I Attended the monthly meetings at Mount-holly

and Evesham
in this Month: I thought it seemed to be low Times, especially at the
first of them. At the select Meeting for Evesham on the 10th I had
close labour in true Love, respecting the things which have